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Apply now to become a  bartleby  Subject Matter Expert!
Apply now to become a bartleby Subject Matter Expert!
Join a premier team of individuals making higher education more meaningful. Make extra money on your personal schedule while actively improving the learning experience for hundreds of thousands of college students worldwide.
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What is a Subject Matter Expert?

Subject Matter Experts are specialists in a particular academic field. As a Subject Matter Expert your primary role and responsibility is to provide students with step-by-step solutions for textbook problems and homework questions online.
We're looking for the following Homework Help Experts:
Math Subject Matter Experts
Advanced Math, Algebra, Calculus, Statistics, Probability, Geometry, Trigonometry
Science Subject Matter Experts
Chemistry, Biology, Physics, Advanced Physics, Biochemistry, Nursing
Business Subject Matter Experts
Finance, Economics, Accounting, Operations Management, Marketing, Management
Engineering Subject Matter Experts
Chemical Engineering, Computer Science, Computer Engineering, Civil Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Mechanical Engineering
Social Science Subject Matter Experts
Psychology, Sociology
Why should you become a Subject Matter Expert?
Earn extra cash for doing what you love!
Leverage your academic expertise to benefit the global student community and earn bonus income.
Work at your own pace
Produce on your schedule. Prefer to work early in the morning? Or late in the evening? Looking to pick up weekend work? You choose your availability.
Bartleby is wherever you are
Our services are fully digital, which means you can work from home, a park, the neighborhood café or anywhere else that has internet.
The better way to earn
Bartleby takes care of its team members and offers competitive advantages to ensure a quality experience.
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Expert benefitsExpert benefitsExpert benefits
Apply to become a bartleby Subject Matter Expert
Apply to become a bartleby Subject Matter Expert
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Don’t take our word for it.
A few of our Subject Matter Experts would like to share their experiences!
  • experts testimonial

    “It is a great experience to work with eminent platform for reciprocity of information. It allows me to undergo the continuous process of learning and exploring while carving out the best answers for the student. Thanks to bartleby, I can utilize my spare time...which contributes to my financial growth.”

    Simita Das, Chemistry Subject Matter Expert

  • experts testimonial

    “Bartleby is the perfect platform for those who seek to upgrade their subject knowledge while helping students across the globe. It provides a plethora of opportunities for every subject...and ensures a hyperbolic growth in a professional career. Bartleby weaves together technology and education.”

    Prakrity Chatterjee, Biology Subject Matter Expert

  • experts testimonial

    “Bartleby serves as a sublime knowledge hub and caters to the enthusiasm of guiding the student community. It’s a wonderful opportunity for those interested in showcasing their academic skills and a one-stop destination for students to get requisite subject assistance.”

    Harsh Tripathi, Civil Engineering Subject Matter Expert

  • experts testimonial

    “Working with bartleby helps me grow my knowledge about my subject. Being a professor previously, bartleby helps me in retaining my student connection, and at the same time, polishing my academics. Skilled teams, empathetic management and a de-stressed work environment makes it one of the best places to work.”

    Vaibhav Vernekar, Math Subject Matter Expert

  • experts testimonial

    “I think bartleby provides us such a beautiful platform, which has an incredibly capacity to reach hundreds of thousands of students across the world, and I feel really honored by it. It provides me great financial stability. I would always love to be associated with bartleby.”

    Aparajita Singh Chandel, Finance Subject Matter Expert

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